What monitor do I have?

You can usually tell what monitor you have by looking at the back of it. On the back of most monitors, you’ll see a sticker that says “LCD” or “CRT.” If you see “LCD,” you have an LCD monitor. If you see “CRT,” you have a CRT monitor. If you’re not sure, you can also look up your monitor’s model number online.

LCD monitors are the most common type of monitor. They’re thinner and lighter than CRT monitors, and they use less energy. LCD monitors also don’t have the “flicker” that CRT monitors do. However, LCD monitors can sometimes have “ghosting” or “blurring” issues.

CRT monitors are the older type of monitor. They’re bigger and heavier than LCD monitors, and they use more energy. CRT monitors also have the “flicker” that LCD monitors don’t have. However, CRT monitors don’t usually have “ghosting” or “blurring” issues.

If you’re not sure what monitor you have, you can look up your monitor’s model number online. You can also ask someone at a computer store or an electronics store. They should be able to help you figure out what monitor you have.

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