What Do Contractions Look Like on a Monitor?

When you see contractions on a monitor, they may look like this:

Contractions can be written as two words (for example, “do not” or “cannot”) or as one word (for example, “don’t” or “can’t”).

They can also be written with an apostrophe (for example, “don’t” or “can’t”), which is called a contraction.

A contraction is a shortened form of a word or phrase.

Contractions are commonly used in spoken English, especially in informal situations.

In formal writing, contractions are usually not used.

The following are some examples of contractions:

  • I’m (I am)

  • You’re (you are)

  • He’s (he is)

  • She’s (she is)

  • It’s (it is)

  • We’re (we are)

  • They’re (they are)

Here are some examples of how contractions can be used in sentences:

  • I’m going to the store. (I am going to the store.)

  • You’re a good person. (You are a good person.)

  • He’s a doctor. (He is a doctor.)

  • She’s my sister. (She is my sister.)

  • It’s raining. (It is raining.)

  • We’re going to the movies. (We are going to the movies.)

  • They’re here. (They are here.)

As you can see, contractions can be very useful in spoken English. However, you should use them sparingly in formal writing.

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