How to make my mouse go to second monitor

If you’re using a dual monitor setup, it can be annoying when your mouse cursor gets stuck on one screen. Here’s how to make sure your mouse moves fluidly between both monitors on Windows 10.

First, open up the Settings app by hitting Start and typing in “Settings.” Click the first result. Alternatively, you can press Windows+I on your keyboard to open the Settings app directly.

In the Settings app, click on “System.”

On the left side of the System window, click on “Display.”

On the right side of the window, scroll down to the “Multiple displays” section and click on the drop-down menu under “Select and rearrange displays.”

A new window will pop up showing your dual monitors. If your monitors are positioned vertically, they’ll be arranged side-by-side. If they’re positioned horizontally, they’ll be stacked on top of each other.

Click and drag the monitor on the right to the left, and vice versa, until they’re arranged the way you want them. Once you’re done, click on the “Apply” button.

Your monitors will go blank for a second as they rearrange themselves. Once they come back on, your mouse cursor should now move fluidly between both monitors.

If you ever want to change the arrangement of your monitors again, just follow the steps above and rearrange them to your liking.

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