How to Close Your Laptop and Use a Monitor in Windows 10

If you’re like most people, you probably use your laptop with the lid closed most of the time. Maybe you’re working at a coffee shop and don’t want to disturb those around you, or maybe you’re at home and don’t want the screen to take up so much space. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to do and there are even a few benefits to using an external monitor with your laptop closed.

For one, it can help improve your posture. If you’re constantly hunched over your laptop, you’re likely to experience neck and back pain. But if you use an external monitor, you can position the screen at eye level, which can help reduce strain on your neck and back.

It can also help boost your productivity. A larger screen can make it easier to get work done, and you can even use multiple monitors if you need even more screen real estate. And if you have a laptop with a high-resolution display, using an external monitor can help you take advantage of that.

So how do you go about using an external monitor with your laptop closed? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Connect your laptop to the external monitor. You’ll need to use a video cable to do this. If you’re not sure what kind of cable to use, check the manual for your laptop or the documentation for the external monitor.
  2. Once the cable is connected, you’ll need to select the right input on the external monitor. Again, consult your manual or documentation if you’re not sure which input to select.
  3. Now you’ll need to tell Windows 10 which display you want to use. To do this, right-click on the desktop and select “Display Settings.”
  4. In the “Display Settings” window, you should see both your laptop’s built-in display and the external monitor. If you don’t see the external monitor, make sure it’s turned on and that the video cable is properly connected.
  5. Under “Multiple displays,” select “Extend these displays.” This will allow you to use both displays.
  6. You can now close your laptop’s lid. The external monitor will stay on and you’ll be able to use your laptop as usual.

And that’s all there is to it! Using an external monitor with your laptop closed is easy and can help improve your productivity and posture.

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