Top 5 Best Curved Gaming Monitors Under $200 Updated 2022

Top Best Curved Gaming Monitors Under $200 outstanding top choices available here below. If you want a monitor that offers intense color, to improve color performance within an outstanding budget. improved the list of Best monitors under $200 US, Australia UK, 2021. Philips 328E9QJAB 32 inches curved monitor will best choice. However Scepter C275W-1920RN Curved is better too.

Furthermore, Details with pros & cons are mentioned below.

Quick choice Top 5 Best Curved  Monitors Under $200 

Samsung C27F398 27-inch curved LED monitor

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Main key features 

  • Screen size:27 inches
  • Display panel: Vertical alignment (VA), LED
  • Max. Resolution:1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Update frequency:60 Hz
  • Response time:4 milliseconds
  • Aspect ratio:16: 9
  • G-Sync / FreeSync
  • VESA compliant, tilt, curved
  • Ports / Connectivity
  • HDMI, DisplayPort

  • Good image quality
  • Interesting layout
  • Versatile
  • Expensive for performance

Samsung C27F398 27-inch curved LED monitor

This is the second curved monitor on this list, provided by Samsung. It has a 27-inch screen size that has a 16: 9 aspect ratio and supports 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate. This is a VA-type monitor, which means it is versatile and It can support many different kinds of activities with decent quality.

Budgeting at just under $ 200, this monitor is fine for its price, but there are better options on this list no matter what the purpose of your monitor is. It’s probably the best 27-inch monitor under 200. If you’re hooked up to the curved-screen design.

The response time of this monitor is 4 milliseconds, which is the lowest for gaming monitors, but still better than many of the monitors on this list. However, the 60Hz refresh rate slows it down relative to gaming. It comes with a DisplayPort and an HDMI port for connectivity. The monitor will come with an HDMI cable in the box, so you don’t need to buy one separately.

AOC C24G1A Curved Gaming Monitor

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Key features of AOC C24G1A

  • Size: 24 “Inch
  • Panel: VA
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • Refresh rate: 165 Hz
  • VRR: FreeSync
  • G-SYNC: Unstable
  • High static contrast

  • Great value for the price
  • 1ms MBR handles ghost images well
  • High static contrast and curved screen
  • Many gaming features, including AMD FreeSync
  • Minor ghosting in fast-paced games

AOC C24G1A Curved Gaming Monitor

About the monitor: For less than $ 200, you can also get a great 144Hz gaming monitor with a curved VA panel, the AOC C24G1A. It’s even factory overclocked to 165Hz for a small increase in clarity of movement compared to 144Hz (barely noticeable though).

Image quality  The VA panel of the AOC C24G1A offers an exceptional static contrast ratio of 3000: 1 compared to 1000: 1 contrast ratio of TN and IPS panels. Now such a high contrast ratio gives you deeper blacks and a better ratio between the darkest and brightest tones, which is the main asset of VA panels.

Colors aren’t as consistent as IPS displays, but they are vibrant and vivid regardless thanks to the C24G1A’s 89% DCI-P3 (~ 120% sRGB) wide color gamut. So you get more saturated colors with the ability to narrow the gamut to the standard 100% sRGB using the sRGB color temperature mode.

IPS remains the best technology for entry-level color-critical jobs due to its wider viewing angles and no gamma shift. Compared to the aforementioned 144Hz monitor with a 1ms response time speed, the VA panel of the AOC C24G1A delivers just 4ms, which in turn will result in more noticeable tracking of moving objects quickly.

Fortunately, the AOC C24G1A 165Hz gaming monitor is equipped with background strobe technology, which can reduce perceived motion blur. All things considered, if you primarily play competitive FPS games, the AOC G2590FX will provide you with better results and performance.

AMD Freesync logo The AOC C24G1A offers a host of game-enhancing elements, including Shadow Boost, pre-calibrated presets (FPS, RTS, Racing), low input lag mode, and cross-hair overlays. It supports AMD FreeSync over HDMI and DP with a 48-144Hz VRR range, and while it is not certified as G-SYNC compliant by NVIDIA, FreeSync works with compatible NVIDIA cards.

Unfortunately, some units of the AOC C24G1A (and most other monitors based on Samsung VA panels) are affected by the brightness flickering issue when FreeSync is enabled. This flicker of brightness is mainly visible when your FPS fluctuates a lot or when it is below 48FPS and you activate CFL. It does not affect all monitor units and is not visible in all video games.

Moving on, another useful feature of the C24G1A is the MBR setting, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the background strobe light on a scale of 0 to 20 in increments of 1. The higher the intensity, the less blur there will be, but the image will also become darker at the same time.

This allows you to find the perfect relationship between motion clarity and image brightness for you, which is generally only available on high-end G-SYNC displays via the ULMB Pulse Width option.

Design and connectivity of AOC c24g1a back of the monitor The AOC C24G1A features a robust design with decent ergonomics, including up to 130mm of height adjustment, +/- 30 ° swivel, tilt, and 100 × 100 VESA mount compatibility. It has an aggressive 1500R screen curvature, which complements the monitor very well and adds a bit of extra depth and immersion. Connectivity options include two HDMI 2.0 ports, DisplayPort 1.2, VGA, and a headphone jack.

The AOC C24G1A is more suitable for those who play FPS games more casually. The 165Hz refresh rate will ensure a fun and fast-paced gaming experience, and you will still get vibrant picture quality.

Scepter C248B-144RN Gaming monitors

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Key features of Scepter C248B-144RN

  • 24-inch curved screen size
  • LED display
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Refresh rate 144Hz
  • Response time 3 ms
  • Aspect ratio 16: 9
  • Curvature 1800R
  • Adaptive Sync AMD FreeSync
  • Wall mount 75mm x 75mm (VESA compatible)
  • Dimensions 21.5 x 5.4 x 15.6 inches
  • Weight 6.32 lbs

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Decent port system
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • Great price Full
  • HD display
  • Curved screen
  • immersive viewing experience.
  • Medium brightness Built-in speakers are poor.

The Scepter C248B-144RN is one of the most affordable 144Hz gaming monitors

The monitor has 1800R screen curvature, which slightly increases immersion and depth;   It’s not a game-changer, but it’s a nice touch. The speed of response time, on the other hand, is not that fast. The scepter specifies a response time speed of 3ms (GtG), although that implies quite specific test conditions and the use of strong overdrive, which introduces overshoot in most cases.

Actually, the trail of fast-moving objects is noticeable, even more so when dark pixels are predominant in the image. Still, it is certainly tolerable considering the price and image quality of the monitor. The monitor is based on a VA (vertical alignment) panel with a higher static contrast ratio of 3,000: 1. including an ultra-slim curved design, AMD FreeSync, and an exceptional contrast ratio.

Compared to other panel technologies such as IPS and TN, which have a contrast ratio of up to 1000: 1, the Scepter C248B-144RN offers deeper blacks and a better overall ratio between the darkest and brightest tones. Additionally, the Scepter C248B-144RN display supports true 8-bit color depth and offers wide 178-degree viewing angles.

Moving on, the input lag of the Scepter C248B-144RN amounts to ~ 4ms at 144Hz, creating an imperceptible delay between your actions and the result on the screen, even if you’re a hardcore gamer. If you mainly play competitive FPS games, you should look for a 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor with a TN panel and a 1ms response time.

These gaming monitors may have narrower viewing angles and lower color and contrast quality, but if you care more about performance than image quality, it’s a necessary trade-off, at least in this price range. In case you prefer better graphics and play fast-paced games more casually, the Scepter C248B-144RN monitor will suit you much better.

The Scepter C248B-144RN supports AMD FreeSync over HDMI and DisplayPort with a variable refresh rate range (VRR) of 48-144Hz. The monitor is not certified as G-SYNC compliant by NVIDIA. Some users report stable performance when using FreeSync with supported NVIDIA GPUs, while others report various issues.

If you have a compatible graphics card, you can enable FreeSync, which will sync the monitor refresh rate with the GPU frame rates and in turn eliminate screen tearing and stuttering within the VRR range with virtually no penalty. due to entry delay. In our case, there was a bit of visible flickering, mainly when the FPS drops below the lower 48FPS VRR range and activates LFC, but overall performance is stable.

Other features include pre-calibrated picture presets (FPS, RTS, Movie, Eco, Standard, and User), Blue Light Shift (low blue light filter), flicker-free backlight, and standard picture settings like brightness, contrast, sharpness. , color temperature, plus advanced gamma and hue/saturation settings. Please note that this will vary between individual monitor units. In case you experience certain problems using FreeSync, you can try these steps.

The design and connectivity of Scepter C248B-144RN have a very slim design with ultra-thin bezels. Note that the image is not edge-to-edge as there is a thin black border around the screen, which is the case for all “bezel-less” and “frameless” designs, at least for now.Connectivity options include HDMI 1.4 (max. 120Hz), HDMI 2.0 (144Hz), DisplayPort 1.2 (144Hz), and a headphone jack.

You can tilt the monitor screen by -5 ° / 15 ° and remove the bracket in case you want to mount the screen using the VESA 75x75mm pattern. The screen has an anti-glare matte coating, which eliminates reflections. However, AOC’s C24G1A is now around $ 150 as well, so you should definitely check that out as well. It offers better handling of motion with 1ms MPRT, has a better design and more features, including a wide color gamut.

The Scepter C248B-144RN is one of the cheapest 144Hz gaming monitors you can find. The previous model of this monitor, the Scepter C248B-144R, is also available. It has built-in speakers and a DVI-D port, but is more expensive and has a smaller design.FreeSync 1080p 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor. The Scepter C248B-144RN is one of the cheapest 144Hz gaming monitors you can get. Find out how it works compared to more expensive alternatives. In case you have a very limited budget, it is a good buy.

Philips 328E9QJAB 32 inches curved monitor

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Main key features 

  • Screen size:31.5 inch
  • Display panel: Vertical alignment (VA), LED
  • Max. Resolution:1920 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Update frequency:60 Hz
  • Response time:5 milliseconds
  • Aspect ratio:16: 9
  • Speakers: Yes
  • G-Sync / FreeSync
  • Ports / Connectivity
  • VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, audio in / out

  • Good image quality
  • Interesting layout
  • Versatile
  • Bad viewing angles.

Philips 328E9QJAB 32 inches frameless curved monitor

Philips Computer Monitors ships the first curved monitor on this list. It is 31.5 inches in size and has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 that supports a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a refresh rate of 75 Hz. It is a VA monitor, which means that it must support a wide variety of uses.

Curved monitors are interesting because of their strange shape. Most computer monitors are flat, but a curved design allows you to see more with less eyestrain and provides a wider field of view. The response time of this monitor is 5 milliseconds, which is less than ideal for gaming, but it should work well for casual games.

The connectivity ports included are HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA which should allow you to connect to many devices. It’s VESA compliant, so it should work fine in a multi-monitor setup. Curved, slim bezel, flicker-free, low blue light, VESA compliant. It comes with AMD FreeSync for smoother gameplay with less stuttering and tearing.

It comes with a low blue light mode and flicker-free technology so you can work or play longer with less fatigue and without fear of damaging your eyes. All monitors sold by Philips Computer Monitors come with a 4-year advance replacement warranty in the United States, so if your monitor is damaged, you have nothing to worry about.

It is better to use the monitor directly in front of you, you have some problems if you look at it from below or from the sides. Also, the image quality may not be the best out of the box, this can be fixed by installing the drivers for this specific model. This monitor is a good multipurpose monitor and could work well as your main monitor in a multi-monitor setup.

Scepter C275W-1920RN Curved Monitor

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Key features of Scepter C275W-1920RN

  • Standing screen display size ‎27 Inches
  • Screen Resolution ‎1920×1080
  • Max Screen Resolution ‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Brand ‎Sceptre
  • Item model number ‎C275W-1920RN
  • Item Weight ‎8.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions ‎24.27 x 9.01 x 17.69 inches
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎24.27 x 9.01 x 17.69 inches

  • Good color accuracy
  • At a reasonable price
  • Sleek, curved design
  • Lacks height, rotary adjustment

Scepter C275W-1920RN Curved Monitor

The Scepter C275W-1920RN is housed in a gray-black cabinet with a matte finish and the screen is almost bezel-less. You get a one-inch-wide bezel on the bottom, but the bezels on the sides and top are barely noticeable. It comes with a silver stand with a rounded base that only provides tilt adjustment, but lacks height and swivel adjustment.

Performance The C275W-1920RN performs well as a general-purpose monitor is ideal for the office, and easily shines as a basic gaming monitor. It uses a 1920 by 1080 resolution panel to deliver sharp images and vivid colors with a 75 Hz refresh rate, 250 cd / m2 contrast ratio, and 8 millisecond response time. This is a solid spec sheet for such a cheap monitor, but the lack of adaptive sync (AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G Sync), however, doesn’t make it an exciting option for professional gamers.

With the Scepter C275W-1920RN, you get a 27-inch monitor that is slim, light, and stylish and has everything you want to pair with a modern office or home entertainment desk. It features a sleek, premium design, has a 75Hz refresh rate, and a nice-looking curved IPS panel that delivers great image quality.

As a widescreen entertainment monitor, the Scepter C275W-1920RN features a beautiful 27-inch curved screen that is a beauty, even when the screen is off. True to its name, the C275W-1920RN’s In-Plance Switching (IPS) panel is housed in a sleek, slim, and gently curved frame. However, you don’t pay a price for such thinness; But the monitor has a meager port selection (HDMI and VGA only, not USB), and its stand only offers tilt adjustment.

The native resolution of this monitor is low for its screen size (1920 x 1080), but it stands out as an unspectacular option for office work on a spacious screen. Although it can’t match Editors’ Choice’s Samsung C27HG70 for image quality, it still packs a sleek design and costs half.

The 1800R of monitors offers an exciting experience and is quite standard among widescreen monitors that are gaining popularity lately. Once again, the In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology used for the display allows for wide viewing angles and enhanced colors. We just want it to support adaptive sync technology that seeks to reduce screen tearing and artifacts during gaming, but for office use and general productivity, you get more monitors for less money.

You get an HDMI-in port, plus a VGA port and an audio-out port for connecting to a set of external speakers. The monitor still has a couple of good-sounding speakers, something that is rarely found on most budget monitors. By contrast, the Benq EL2870U adds a DisplayPort input to its two HDMI ports.

In connectivity, Editors Choice ViewSonic VP2768 outperforms all of these and many others with its two HDMI inputs, two DisplayPort inputs, and a DisplayPort for daisy-chaining up to four compatible monitors with a USB 3.0 hub with one upstream and four downstream ports. When attached to its mount, the Scepter C275W measures 17.69 by 24.27 by 9.01 inches (HWD) and weighs 8.59 pounds.

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